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i love you, sir!  (x)


i love you, sir!  (x)

I would send you an ask but your askbox isn’t open, gremylin.

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It’s that time again. Looking to add more people to my friend safaris.

I do not mind what type of safari you have. Just trying to get as many as I can right now.

1091-8724-6949, psychic type :3

Just hit me with an ask and your FC.

Thanks in advance!

*rolls off into the sun giggling 5ever*

*rolls off into the sun giggling 5ever*

Pokemon is trying to break my brain. ._.

Was after a shiny Fletchling all day yesterday using the Pokeradar. Got crap. Made it up to a chain of 37 when a fragging Pidgey wrecked it. I’d been at it for hours and wound up giving up.

Decided to give chain fishing a try today to see if I can get a shiny Magikarp. Read up some guides, went to Route 8 to get a Inkay with Suction Cups ability, three battles in SHINY F’ING SEVIPER IN THE MIDDLE OF A HORDE.

It’s not what I wanted but holy hell I’ll take it.

Second shiny ever out of all the games I’ve played. Why must my luck suck so much. OTL

That moment you realize you don’t have enough time to pay equal attention to your rp blogs, and one of your favorites has been left in the dust by everyone else.


I want more friends for the pokemon friend safari ^^

so this is my 3DS friend code: 4141-2703-3792 
name: jessica.

please reblog with your friend code so i can add you as well ^^

1091-8724-6949, psychic type :3

Hey there guys, looking to add some friends for the Friend Safari. I have Pokemon Y, and my type is psychic, though I don’t know the pokemon yet. If someone could tell, that’d be great! <3